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Tuesday Morning in the BB15 House

Happy Tuesday, BB Lovers!☺  When last we saw our HGs, they were swallowing cinnamon by the spoonful and sharing favorite sex positions.. and that's all covered in The Overnight Report.

Now, it's morning.. And they're gaming from the get go! Spark up your feeds and join the fun. :)

Have Not Room
Cam 1

Spencer: It's a shame she missed her favorite song.. Woke up in a new bugatti.  I was expecting a lot more dancing out of her.
Andy: Yeah, me too.

**Can you name this HG?

Jessie soaks up some sun and solitude...

Helen, Candice

Candice: Oh my God.. You missed it last night!  Ginamarie downed 2 spoonfuls of cinnamon!

**The stuff of BB legends.

Helen: That's disgusting.. She's awesome.

Helen heads out for her morning run.. Candice remains to do her makeup..

Cam 1/2
Helen offers Jessie her competition onesie for warmth in the Have Not Room.

Jessie: I feel sick, I'm tired, I'm achey..
Helen: I hear you.  I feel your pain. Poor Andy's been on it for 3 weeks. He's only been a Have for 1 week.  Maybe the deal I make with Aaryn I'll say, you have to be a Have Not. 
Jessie: You should.

Talk turns to the plan for the week..

Helen: I'm on board, but I don't want to tell her too early.. Bu tit scares me, what if she wins HoH and screws the deal?
Jessie: Even if she did, we have the numbers.
Helen: She only could do a favor to the house at that point. I feel so weird trusting her.  It's like making a deal with the devil.

10am -- Judd comes out.

Jessie: We were talking about Kaitlin going home.  She wanted me to remind you not to tell Spencer, Howard..
Judd: They're on me hardcore.
Jessie: Just tell them it's because she's a strong competitor.. Not for any other reason.

Judd: Helen!  Spencer and Howard think I'm in an alliance with them..
Helen: We can't let them know that Aaryn's making a deal with the house to put them up.. We can just tell them that Kaitlin's such a competitor..  Howard, Spencer, Ginamarie and Candice can't know about the deal Aaryn's willing to make with the House..
Judd: Ginamarie's loyal..

Helen: If she won HoH next week, we could tell her what to do.. The key is, if Howard, Spencer or Candice win HoH, it's Ginamarie or Aaryn going home.
Judd: Ginamarie's actually smarter..
Helen: She knows she's got no lifeline in this house.
Judd: I've just gotta somehow get her on board with getting rid of Kaitlin, not Aaryn now.

Candice joins the backyard crew.. Talk turns to sleep difficulties, have not sheet sneaking, and the wonder that is Ginamarie - with the cinnamon.  Candice is trying to talk Andy into growing some facial hair..

Cam 3
Judd and Andy

Judd: I told GM last night on the hammock.. I said, I've heard from a very reliable source that Howard's the MVP.. She said, and he put my ass up!  I said, you gotta think about it.. Him doing that makes it look like Elissa did it.

Judd explains to Andy how he got roped into a (fake for him) alliance with Spencer, Howard, Ginamarie, and Kaitlin.. 

Judd: I might need to get you to whisper to Spencer later tonight.. like, Me n Helen got Kaitlin.. I'm not sure how to go about it, cause they're so suspicious right now that I wanna keep Aaryn.  They said they'll do  whatever I wanna do, but..

They run down all the fake alliances.. Judd can barely keep them all straight.
It doesn't help that he's barely coherent.

Andy: Do they not think we all talk to each other?  I'm trying to think of the best way to talk to Spencer about Kaitlin.. Do I say, she's good.. She's with me and Helen now.. or She's acting kind of shady.. or everyone's noticing how Kailtin keeps saying she's gonna win the HoH and they're getting nervous..

Judd: They want to know what Amanda and McCrae wanna do, and then do the opposite.  They HATE Amanda.. and they think she's calling all the shots.
Andy: It's getting to the point here when I can't stand being around Spencer..
Judd: Howard needs to go though.
Andy: If I get HoH next week, I would put up Spencer and Howard in a second.

Judd: They think they have the numbers.. They think they have you, me, gm.  THey think I can get Jessie to do what I want..
Andy: So basically they want Amanda, McCrae, Elissa and Helen out.

Judd: I need you to try to make friends with Ginamarie.. We need to get her to trust you.

Andy: I just hate that Howard's like, I just love that I'm playing a clean game now, and he's (paraphrasing) worse than ever.  I can't stand them.  I want them gone so bad.  It's getting hard for me to even be around them.  If I get HoH.. I don't care if it risks my game, I will put them up in a second.  I know Candice will flip out, but whatever.

Talk turns briefly to Candice.. then back to Andy's best plan of attack for today.. 

Judd: Aaryn really wants an alliance if she stays.
Andy; We can appease that.
Judd: Elissa told Kaitlin, "Wouldn't you like to play with all girls?"
Andy: Whatever. We can get rid of Elissa..
Judd: You don't think they're trying to get rid of the guys?

Judd: It kind of freaks me out all the shit McCrae and Amanda talk to Spencer and Howard.
Andy: You can't believe a word from Spencer and Howard. I honestly believe that McCrae and Amanda will be solid with us til the very end.

Andy: I really hope this week is Endurance.. I will hold on til the bitter end.
**I hope so too!! :)

Judd expresses doubt about Helen's trustworthiness... And Jessie's...  Andy reassures him they're good, and if they get sketchy, they'll tell him, and he'll tell Judd.

Timecheck -- 10:43am  This is ongoing..


Andy, Helen, Jessie..

Andy continues the above, but now with Helen and Jessie..

Helen: Jessie, what do you thnk if we tell Howard and Spencer, we've heard that Kaitlin is coming after you?  At the very least, it plants doubt.
Jessie: Exactly, the seed of a doubt..

Andy: Although, I'm really convinced that Kaitlin is working with Howard and Spencer..
Helen: But, it's not a lie.. That's what's she's told several people in the house.  You and me are several.
Andy: I also think that Spencer and Howard really hate Amanda and McCrae, especially Amanda.
Helen/Jessie: They do.

Andy: I wonder if we can prey on their hatred of Amanda.. They're gonna want to do the opposite of whatever Amanda wants to do.
**see above. 

Jessie: A camera just moved to the door.  Someone's about to come out.
Andy: Ok.. I'll be back.

Helen: I need to go to confession after this show.

Helen gives Jessie props for crossing over and joining them at the point she did..

Jessie: I've just always had good vibes from you, and I always wanted to work with Andy.. And Candice, I get great big sister vibes from her.
Helen: Candice will be fine once Howard's gone.  She'll have a meltdown.. But she'll be fine.

Andy rejoins them...

Cam 1/2
The door opens.  Helen jolts.  It's Judd.

Jessie: Helen, you've really gotta work on your surprise face. 
Andy: Yeah, you really need to work on your "I'm not talking about you face."

Helen: What do you do?
Andy: Just pretend you're in the middle of a sentence and keep going..
Helen: Umm..
Jessie: Ok.. I'm gonna go in and walk out..

Helen practices..  Talk turns to Amanda, who Jessie is fed up with.  Andy and Helen reel her back in quickly..

The chant around the couch is "He cannot win HoH."  The he in question is Howard. Helen offers that, worst case scenario, if he does, Candice will push hard for him to take Aaryn out.

This is ongoing..  Talk turns to their goodbye messages.  Andy wishes his for Kaitlin hadn't been as nice. Both Andy and Helen say their messages for Aaryn were much nicer than last time..

Helen and Andy

Helen counts the votes..

Andy: So it's a done deal. Kaitlin's gone.
Helen: It's done.

Helen shares with Andy and Jessie what it's like to grow up as a minority in the US, the discrimination she encountered as a child, in business..

11:35am -Talk turns to Veterans in America..

Helen:  It should be, You support our country, we support you when you get back - with education and job opportunities.
Andy: I completely agree.
Jessie: Me too.

Helen: People say they respect the military, but then why aren't they thriving when they get back from war? It makes me really sad.
Jessie: Our treatment of injured vets is the worst.
Helen: I understand we're in a big deficit, but that's where our money should be going.

Helen goes inside to get her swimsuit on. Jessie straightens up the entire backyard, making sure every chair, every pillow, every piece of everything is perfectly placed, just so.  
**if anyone from set dressing is watching, they already want to hire her, seriously.

Cam 1/2
Judd, Andy, Helen..

Judd: I wanna vote out Ginamarie..
Andy: What??
Judd: I know this sounds crazy, but I think there's more to her.
Helen: You're kidding, right?
Judd:  I think she's a doctor or a nurse, or a family practitioner.

Helen and Andy are dumbstruck.

Judd: I'm just kiddin'.

Helen goes inside.

Andy: I wanna get rid of Ginamarie.. She's a family practitioner.. hahahahaha
Judd: Did you see Helen's face? hehehe
Andy: I'm just imagining gm as a doctor.. Your kid's sick as hell!
Judd: He's got mange or somethin'.

Cam 1/2
Jessie, Judd, Andy

We resume the talk of the morning.. Getting Howard and Spencer on board with evicting Kaitlin, by any means necessary.  Judd tells Jessie he's in a fake alliance with them.. It's the first chance he's had to fill her in.

Judd: Just try to avoid my conversations with them, because it'll put you between a rock and a hard place.. They have one with me, Andy, they have one with McRae and Amanda, they have one with Helen.. And they all think that none of us know about the others.
Jessie: Have they learned nothing??

This continues with Judd explaining why he's been giving Jessie a lot of space.  Although there is no romance between them, they are being lumped in the showmance category by some.

And Judd explaining that they to continue to use Ginamarie for a while yet..

This concludes the Morning Update.  We're taking a wee bloggy break.  Please mind the critters on the live feeds til we get back!  See you soon in a new top post!

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